CrossFit Out Of The Box was established in 2015. The very first location was near the intercoastal on E. Atlantic Blvd. Owner, Leigh Anne Filewich, opened the box with a strong determination to provide fitness to everyone. Her motto has always been that “anyone can do this!” With careful modifications and individual attention for each athlete, she has definitely kept her word. Athletes of all fitness levels, all ages, and all physical abilities have been able to join the Out Of The Box community and partake in the amazing workouts.

Leigh began her career in 2007 as personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She opened her own business called Aspire Total Wellness, where she traveled from Sunrise to Boca Raton offering in-home personal training for women only. She also taught kettlebell classes along the coast from Fort Lauderdale to Pompano, and occasionally in Sebastian Florida. She formed multiple running groups which helped many people rise from the couch to 5K, a 10K, a half marathon, and even offered full marathon training. In 2013, Leigh was seeking a little motivation to improve her personal workouts without hiring a personal trainer of her own. This is where her CrossFit journey began. After her first week of working out at CrossFit gym, she was hooked and intrigued. Leigh always had a goal of opening her own personal training studio, but after seeing the structure of the CrossFit classes which were in a sense a group personal training, she realized how many more people could be reached by coaching a group versus a one on one session. She loved the camaraderie at the gym and the fact that everyone motivated each other throughout the workouts.

Leigh hit the ground running. She took a chance, got her Level 1 Certification, found a small space, and opened up a CrossFit gym of her own, while still offering Personal Training. Through visiting many different CrossFit gyms in the process, she knew exactly what her gym would be comprised of. She knew that air conditioning and cleanliness were a must, a luxury in the hot Florida summers. She also knew that she would work hard to build a great sense of community, allowing people to have a fun and healthy place to come to workout and meet new friends. The name Out of the Box has many different meanings depending on who you are, for example you could be breaking “out of the box” aka your comfort zone and trying something new! Out of the Box also means that even if you think you can’t so something due to an injury or some other obstacle in your life, that we get “out of the box” with our workouts and training techniques by offering scales/modifications individually so that everyone can achieve their goals! We are also known for “breaking out of the box aka CrossFit gym” for an outdoor workout to take advantage of this beautiful paradise we live in.

In March 2017, CrossFit Out Of The Box expanded and moved 1 mile away from the original location to a plaza on Federal Highway. There are 7 CrossFit classes to choose from each day, including Crossfit Kids and Crossfit LITE. Yoga is also included in the Crossfit memberships, and Personal Training is still offered to individuals who prefer one-on-one training. There is even an in-house spray tanning salon. CrossFit Out Of The Box continues to build and strengthen their community each day, truly making fitness and a healthy lifestyle available to everyone who walks through the door!

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Leigh Anne Lopez Owner, Level 2 CrossFit Coach, Certified CrossFit Kids Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Tonja Evans Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Certified CrossFit Kids Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Luiza Blanchard Level 2 CrossFit Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

James Bevil Level 2 CrossFit Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Wilma Lubbock Certified Yoga Instructor

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